Title Loans for CashAre you in immediate need of cash? If so, title loans for cars are the best way to raise instant cash. These loans are very different from other conventional loans because they carry a low risk; not just for the borrower, but the lender as well. It entitles you to a low interest rate without you having to offer your precious house as collateral.

Through these title loans, your car is secured against the loan with the company that has given you the money. It is based on your car’s value which is the equity of the car. This is calculated by subtracting the amount of cash you owe on your car from the original cost of your car. Thus, in other words, equity stands for the car’s amount that you own and not the share that is owned by the bank.

In contrast to home loans, these title loans do not require a lot of documentation except the most basic one and you can receive cash quickly through these loans. All you need to do is substantiate the fact that your car has value, ask for the amount of loan you require and transfer the title of the car to the loan provider. Moreover, you also get to keep your car during the period you owe the loan and after you have repaid your debt, you can get back your title.

The only qualification that you need for this loan is having equity in your car and not a history of good credit. The latter is not necessary because your vehicle offset’s the risk that the lender bears and so this is a golden chance for people with bad credit to receive money too. This is just another advantage in the long list of benefits that these title loans have.

The ease with which you can get title loans is exceptional since it skips the process of background checks and proffers interest rates which are significantly lower than those of unsecured loans. Even the amount of money that you can borrow is higher than payday loans and the cash is in your hands in no time. Within a period of 24 hours, you can move from the stage where you first realize that you need cash to the stage where you receive the money in your hands.

All this makes auto title loans a much more preferable alternative over other traditional forms of loans.