Many retirees become excessively cautious about spending retirement money fearing the consequences of exhausting their funds before they pass away, but this has one unintended consequence. They fail to enjoy themselves or follow up their hobbies and leisure opportunities. What they need to do is to plan their retirement expenses and to sit back and enjoy a truly relaxed and happier retirement.

Taking the help of travel agents and availing discounted packages and guided tours

Traveling to hitherto unseen unexplored destinations is perhaps number one on every bucket list of a retiree, but the main reason this item remains uncrossed is the expense connected to this venture. If you do a bit of research you will finds many travel agents offering special packages to exotic destinations tailor made for seniors with special add-ons and amazing discounts. The agencies will book the tickets in advance and even arrange airport pick up and drops at the specified dates and destinations. These offers are immensely practical and inexpensive.

Trying leisure activities in the neighboring towns and the countryside

Traveling to exotic foreign locales does not guarantee bliss and complete satisfaction, and in many instances the experience may not come up to your expectations or justify the money that you spent so lavishly. Sometimes the best experiences are those near to your home. Vacationing in nearby towns and the countryside can offer many exciting opportunities. You can also time your travel with dates that coincide with major festivities and carnivals. What you save on air tickets can be spent on more comfortable transportation and better accommodation.

Extracting the maximum benefits from couponing

Normally you would associate coupons with attractive discounts on retail purchases and food items but the humble discount coupons have invaded the field of leisure and travel like never before.  Merely browsing websites will unearth hundreds of coupons that offer such varied fare as a dinner for a couple at a pricy restaurant, movie or concert tickets, horseback riding lessons for a nominal fee or even a fishing expedition for those who love the outdoors. In many offers there are special discounts targeting senior citizens.

Exploring hobbies that may present new business opportunities

If you are seriously into various hobbies there are even more interesting outlets for your pet passion. If you are a lover of drama and the theater or art there are sponsored programs that invite you to spend an evening over a glass of wine and  an in depth appreciation of different art forms. Many study clubs offer free hobby development classes that are organized by trained professionals. It is entirely possible that many of these hobbies that you pursue religiously can turn into full time jobs yielding good supplementary income. Alternatively, you can study opportunities in your locality that can exploit your special skills and abilities, for a healthy remuneration.

Guaranteeing an additional income stream in retirement

For many retirees the fear of outlasting their resources is fearful and worrisome, but such apprehensions need not spoil the way they enjoy life in retirement. Well before retirement retirees can plan investments in annuities where you pay a lump sum amount upfront and get fixed monthly payments as your retirement begins. This will be in addition to the funds available through your 401k retirement scheme. This additional income can make a difference between leading a cautiously frugal life or a life where every day presents an exciting opportunity.

What you should do when fund shortages constrain you

If you are unable to enjoy a leisure trip due to paucity of funds you need not reach for the cancellation button. What you can do is to go online for a cash loan for title. The loan for vehicle title requires the collateral of your car title, and in return approves more than 60% of your car’s resale value. This is instant cash and the interest rate is 25% APR which is considered very reasonable by industry standards. The car equity loan repayments can be adjusted to suit your repaying capacity, and the loan will be over in the short term or it can be cleared over a longer term as desired.